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NASDAQ-powered cryptocurrency exchange platform is set to launch in June 2018

DX.Exchange, a NASDAQ-powered cryptocurrency exchange platform is set to launch in June 2018. DX becomes the latest in a slew of crypto exchange services as the digital currency market continues to mature. The platform hopes to offer a robust ecosystem for OTC derivatives and crypto tokens. read more

central banks could use cryptocurrencies to lessen the negative impacts of the next financial crisis by slashing interest rates.

As central banks explore the technology underlying that which threatens to undermine them, experts at Morgan Stanley have suggested that digital currencies could enable deeper negative interest rates during the impending financial crisis.  read more

Happy 6th Birthday: Coinbase Remains the Most Successful and Important Company in the Crypto Industry

On its 6th birthday, Coinbase received high praise from Shapeshift’s Erik Voorhees. He Tweeted, “Coinbase remains the most successful and important company in the crypto industry.” Arguably, that is very much the case. The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange with its barebone menu of offerings, combined with its easy user-interface and relatively smooth onboarding (almost no upfront deposit needed), provide an envious business model. That’s not to write the company is without faults, as it has many. It might not even be the future of retail crypto access, and perhaps it shouldn’t. read more